Video test for StatEasy using the HTML5 video tag!

If you don't see a video between this text and the list items then your browser does not support the new <video> tag. This means that you're really missing out on what I'm trying to show you.

May I suggest downloading the latest Firefox browser that supports the <video> tag? I know you're going to think to your self, "Self, why would I want to waste my time upgrading my browser to a beta version of Firefox?" First, I'd like to congratulate you for thinking in italics. Next, I'd like to inform you that you're going to be downloading the new browser soon, because what I will be doing in the next few weeks will be completely awesome and the massive amounts of peer pressure will make upgrading unavoidable. (I know this because I will be applying the peer pressure)

If you DO see a video below, then you're in business! To start or stop the video, click on it. You can navigate to the different "stats" in the video by clicking on them. When the video encounters another stat it will highlight that stat. This demo will get a lot cooler as the weeks go on. I plan on pulling in some slick JavaScript libraries to do some fun transitions for "highlighting" the stats. You'll see, it will be awesome.

If you're a nerd friend of mine (chances are good, y'inz make a up a good %age) then please feel free to view the page source. ALL of the required code to get this to work is located in JavaScript. I'd like to take a moment to reiterate that so that it sinks in: ALL of the code for this page is done in JavaScript! That means the video is native to the browser and the JavaScript is sending and receiving events!

If you click on a stat on the right, it is currently taking a LONG time to seek to the right point in the video. Not sure why yet, but I'm looking into it. If the file is hosted on your computer then there is no noticeable delay.